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May 23 2018

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(via JordanKAdams97)

Kids are so hilarious I love it



name a more iconic duo than me and procrastination. go ahead, i’ll wait. 

of course you will



social media was a good development because back in ancient greece it didn’t exist and people would just be yelling their opinions in the city square instead and the only way to block them was murder or exile

the court of athens, sentencing socrates to death for “rotting the youth and disrespecting the gods”: blocked, unfollowed, reported

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whole pussy out

dirt in my mouth

sing a lil ditty when i stroll down south

bone removal

without approval

i found your name and address on the google

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this is the first piece of mcelroy content i ever saw, and literally everything since then has lived up to it


please do yourself a favor and date the biggest fckn nerd u can get ur hands on



my coworker today was like “i bet you dont know this song” and put on Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. And I was like “yeah, of course I do, it’s Elton John” and he was like “who?” and I said “Elton John. He wrote this” and he was like “oh I don’t know about that, it’s just in the Chicken Little movie” 

How am I supposed to explain to my family that this is the only thing that will make me laugh anymore


grow weary of your husband’s neglect. tell tales to the servants and your companions of his violence and brutality. disappear into the night without even your trusted maidservant. spill the blood of a chicken on the floor of your husband’s studiolo. create panic, as your chastity, virtue and the nobility of your blood is well known. your letters telling of your fear and panic are found and read. flee to the villa of one of your suitors before your marriage. he is still charmed by you. make him promise to hide and shelter you. you have brought your jeweled dagger with you. open his throat. stagger onto the road, telling of your violation and pain. all of italy is in a frenzy at the actions of this cur. return home. your husband will see his peasant concubine no more. finally prepare for the birth of an heir.

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[Image Description: Tag reading “I will face canon and walk backwards into hell”]

The AO3 Tag of the Day is: And I will walk beside you


hamlet’s dad: son you need to avenge me

hamlet: oh ABSOLUTELY

hamlet for the next four and a half acts:

May 22 2018


abs are cancelled. we all about soft tummies now

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there was always that one kid going through a wolf phase





So I just learned something that pisses me off.
Y’know quinoa? The ~magical~ health food that has become so popular in the US that a centuries-long tradition of local, sustainable, multi-crop farming is being uprooted to mass-produce it for the global market? Potentially affecting food stability and definitely effecting environmental stability across the region?

Ok, cool.

Y’know Lamb’s Quarter? A common weed throughout the continental US, tolerant of a wide variety of soil conditions including the nutrient-poor and compacted soils common in cities, to the point where it thrives in empty lots?

These plants are close relatives, and produce extremely similar seeds. Lamb’s quarter could easily be grown across the US, in people’s backyard and community gardens, as a low-cost and local alternative to quinoa with no sketchy geopolitical impacts. You literally don’t have to nurture it at all, it’s a goddamn weed, it’ll be fine. Put it where your lawn was, it’ll probably grow better than the grass did. AND you can eat the leaves - they taste almost exactly like spinach. 

This just… drives home, again, that a huge part of the appeal of “superfoods” is the sense of the exotic. For whatever nutritional benefits quinoa does have, the marketing strategy is still driven by an undercurrent of orientalism. You too could eat this food, grown laboriously by farmers in the remote Andes mountains! You too could grow strong on the staple crop that has sustained them for centuries! And, y’know, destroy that stable food system in the process. Or you could eat this near-identical plant you found in your backyard. 

so true – another example is acai berry, which is just about the same for you as any other berry. +lots of plants we deem weeds or invasives are incredibly hardy and nutritious! look out for dandelion, wood sorrel, and Japanese knotweed

Dandelion is delicious and can be used in many different ways from salads to drinks. All you need for good foraging with a identification book and a bag.

Lambs’ Quarters DO grow across North America in peoples’ back yard and community gardens. And, some of us were taught by our seanchaidhean, our tradition-bearers, not to pull them up but to let them grow. Their leaves are richer in protein than spinach, but they grow over four feet high: virtual spinach “trees” where you can go harvest the leaves for salad or cooked veg over and over again. Grown as a companion-plant with beans or squash they provide stakes that the vines can be trained up (in place of corn, which in my area is vulnerable to local wild herbivores. Lambs’ Quarters will grow up through a thick mat of pine needles, will grow in drought conditions and in the hard-packed dust on the edge of roadways.

And unlike dandelion, which is non-native and is crowding native plants out of their ecological niche, Lambs’ Quarters are a native plant that belongs here. Public service request for responsible gardeners who appreciate and nurture dandelion: please gather the flower heads before they go to seed. Do the same with chamomile, chinese lanterns, blue bells and any other “vigourous free-seeding” non-native that grows on your land.



girls don’t like boys, girls like the pastoral escapist fantasy of living in a large house with many friends and several pets on a beautiful chunk of land with no financial, political, or medical anxieties. also, bread. 

#this is 90% of the women I know

Proven by the viral string of reblogs linking us to one another.

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Shuri: M’Baku, you’re so tall. What can you see from all the way up there?

M’Baku: Everyone’s flaws.

local man sees really cool sword in pawn shop window


“holy shit” he has said

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